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Extended Signature

Gaians are big on enforcing signature sizes, even though they're not mods. For the most part, I can see how oversized sigs can be annoying. But other times, I see sigs that are probably a few pixels over the maximum size, and other users would yell at that user to reduce the sig or be reported. Yeesh.

To edit your sig, go to your profile, click "Edit Profile," and scroll down. You will see a box wherein you can put in the code for your sig. I never change my sig, but I do have a lot of graphics that I would like to stick in it but don't. First is because I really like my sig the way it is. Second is because Gaia has no mechanism to prevent other people from taking pixels from my sig.

I'm a big fan of pixel art, especially small animated pixels that are in jars. Because of this, I browse the Gaia minishops forum a lot, looking for pixels that I like. Here the sellers have threads where they sell their creations. Most sellers wisely mark their sample pixels so people would be deterred from stealing them. Once pixels are purchased, however, you can display them in your sig, in your journal, or in your threads, and people can easily steal them them from you. These pixels that you have purchased with your hard-earned gold do not have the "sample" markings on them.

My extended sig used to be all on one page. Over time, my collection grew to the point that it's not fun anymore to have them on one page. It just took too long to load and makes my finger fall off from scrolling too much >.<

Ground Rules for Viewing My Extended Sig Pages
The pages in this section are the most graphic-intensive pages on this site. It may take a long time to load on some computers.

You may notice that these pages are similar to my Toybox. There is one main difference. Most of the pixels in my Toybox were taken from pixel adoption sites, where visitors can save the pixels to their own server and post them on their own sites with the pixel linking back to the pixel adoption site. All pixels in my Extended Sig pages were purchased from Gaia with Gaia gold.

If you have made any of these pixels, you will notice that I have linked back to your store with your images ^_~ I have checked Gaia Minishops rules and regulations, and I have found that posting purchased pixels in a Gaia extended sig (pages on a personal website that are dedicated to Gaia) is allowed. However, if you created any of the pixels here and do not wish to have them on this site, please let me know and I'll take them down.

If you like the pixels that you see here, click on them to get your own on Gaia. There's a reason why you cannot right-click on them here, people. I'm not saying that these pixels are mine, but I did pay for them with Gaia gold. The creators of these pixels do not want you taking them from this site; they want you to order and pay for them. You'll notice the adoption procedure for this is different, compared to Toybox adoption procedures. For Toybox pixels, all you have to do is go to the creator's pixel adoption site and adopt from there. For the pixels here, you have to create an account at Gaia and buy them from the stores that offer them, using Gaia gold.

For the avi art, dolls, and edits, keep in mind that they depict my actual avatars on Gaia. Stealing this is like also like stealing somebody's yearbook picture. Better yet, it's like stealing a stranger's yearbook picture XP

All rules clear to you? Great. If you're still reading this, you now have my blessing to click on my Extended Sig sections ^^