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Don't you hate it when things you like (or you yourself) get clumped into an "other somethings" category? Heh, but I do it here anyway. This page is for everything outside shoujo anime. That should be pretty obvious, given how the main sections are listed to the left. This section used to be called "Shounen Anime (and everything else)" (yes, with the stuff in parentheses), but that title has been messing my layout. Yeah. I'm anal-retentive like that.

As dismissive as the name may sound, believe it or not, there are actually good anime out there that are not targeted towards an exclusive female audience. I was surprised myself. Just kidding.

This section will mostly have titles that are classified as shounen, but it will have titles from other types of anime as well. I know, I know, it's not fun being clumped in an "other" category. But that's essentially what this part of the site is about. You see, these titles are just so fantastic, they transcend a shoujo fan's preferences and must be addressed *insert picture of me standing on a pedestal here.* It's sort of like an honorable mention. It certainly would be a crime to clump these guys under shoujo when they're obviously not (aahhh! Cooties!).

So how is fantastic defined for these titles and they transcend a shoujo fan's preferences?

First, there seems to be this general perception that if an anime has romance and girls in it, then it's shoujo. Such is not the case. For instance, shounen anime has some genres that are romantic and have lots of girls, such as magical girlfriend, harem, and romantic comedies. These genres can overlap with each other.

Second, there are fantastic movies that really defined anime. Some of these movies are really bloody and may offend a maiden's sensibilities (say what?!). One such movie, Akira, is really unlikely to end up on a shoujo anime list but has been rated by a bunch of anime afficionados as one of the most influential anime movies ever made.

Third, there are legendary OAVs out there, such as Kite (although I was really upset after I watched it). People would be talking about these shows so much that it's enough to pique any shoujo anime fan's interest, even without being told that it can be classified as hentai.

Fourth, there are also genres that seem to transcend the shoujo-ness or the shounen-ness (or the whatever-ness) of the anime (I'm making up words here), such as adventure, comedy, fantasy, mystery, and horror. A good mystery is still a good mystery no matter what audience it's targeting.

What it all boils down to is that it's good to be well-rounded. Not to mention that although it's been argued that there are clear boundaries between shoujo, shounen, and other anime categories, a lot of people still get confused as to which is which. Besides, it's good to have a wide selection of anime. Or else the risk of getting the shakes from anime withdrawal will be higher.

Spoiler warning 
Similar to the shoujo anime section, the reviews here contain spoilers. There is a lot of terminology, too. If you get lost, the World Wide Web is your friend. It will get you un-lost.
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