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The buttons allow you to do some community work with only a few clicks of your mouse. With Internet urban legends sprouting like weeds left and right, it's hard to believe that these are legitimate. But they are. I checked them out (and I'm very cynical about the Internet because of all these urban legends). All you have to do is visit each site and click on a very conspicuous button. No spyware, no bugs, no porn, no downloads. And no, I don't get compensated for directing you to these sites.

And the button below is for Gixen. It's an online sniping service for eBay and has one of the best prices for its kind. And yes, I do get receive compensation for linking it here. But it's a great service, and I personally use it. I used to bid the old-fashioned way, by putting in my bid early. And then I lost dozens of auctions by like $0.25 because of snipers. The dark side isn't that bad. They have cookies here.

eBay Sniper

The Fine Print
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When we sign contracts, we are cautioned to always look at the fine print first. Because it's the fine print that may eventually get you later. You may consider this part of the site "the legal stuff."

As all fansites go, all series mentioned on this site are properties of their respective creators. As mentioned in the homepage, the purpose of this site is to be a resource for anyone who wants to learn more about anime, manga, Final Fantasy, and The Sims. It's also to provide a little haven for adorable pixel art.

Layout and Text (a.k.a., It's Not Pink, Dammit!)
I created this site's layout and wrote all the text. And it's not pink. It's red with a white mask! Red! It sounds cooler to say only "red!' for emphasis instead of saying the whole "red with a white mask!" again... But I do start thinking of bubblegum whenever I work on this site... But it's not pink. It's red. Red!

Yes. All the text is original. Because I love writing.

Please do not plagiarize nor claim the text for your own. That would be just too uncool. If you want to use the text on this site for your own site (or for anything you want to write), please cite me.

The content on this site were written by two people, namely, my sister and me. We devised this cute way of distinguishing which text belongs to her and which text belongs to me. It's a little tricky, because it involves searching for two different icons of the same character, but we pulled it off. Here's how to tell our stuff apart:

I wrote all the text that are considered non-review. Essentially, these are pages that don't review particular series. When I review anime series, you will see Garnet's icons in the Favorite Episodes/Scenes section. Well, actually, you'll see her in her Princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII's outfit for the shoujo anime reviews and in her Dagger outfit for the shounen anime (and everything else) reviews.

When my sister, hereby known as the webmaster's sister (she's still trying to figure out what kind of Internet name she wants), reviews anime series, you will see Aeris' icons in the Favorite Episodes/Scenes section. You'll see her in her Wall Market Don outfit for the shoujo anime reviews and in her regular outfit for the shounen anime (and everything else) reviews.

Question: "I saw the same review on Wikipedia! You copied it!"
Answer: Hell no. I saw that review on Wikipedia too. Two years after I wrote and posted my own review on this site. And this site has been around before teh Wiki exploded into the popular resource that we know today. And let me tell you, those Wikipedia writers can be pretty savvy. In one review that they plagiarized from me, they took out all the personal comments I had about the series to make it look more factual. But most of the wording stayed the same. I thought about letting Wikipedia know about this, but figured the trouble isn't worth it. I'm all for dissemination of information and all, as long as credit is given where it is due. If you find entries on Wikipedia that appeared to be plagiarized from this site, please do me a favor and cite the review from this site under the Wikipedia entry's references section.

That whole plagiarizing incident made me very sad.

Sometimes, you may see that I wrote some words in netspeak. Or chatspeak. Whatever they're called by the young whipper-snappers nowadays. And I sometimes had a tendency to rape emoticons. I did those on purpose and primarily in jest, to add more character to the tone of my writing. I hope the rest of my writings demonstrate that I care about proper written English.

And yes, I'm ashamed to admit that I used quite a bit of Crapanese in my reviews. Please understand that I wrote these reviews many years ago, and now I'm not proud of the Crapanese I've written. Perhaps someday I'll fix my reviews so that they look more serious and professional. Perhaps someday.

Princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII
Ironically, I'm not a huge fan of Final Fantasy IX, which is Garnet's home. However, I do like Garnet. Actually, I decided to call myself Garnet because garnet is my birthstone, and I like the color red. The fact that there's this great character in a Final Fantasy series that's named Garnet only dawned on me afterwards :D

On a random note, I have red shoes. That way, I feel happy when I look down at my feet :D

There are sites that generously allow people to use their images, and the images from this site were taken from such online databases. I do not take images from sites that snarl, "All images on this site are mine! Mine! Mine!" (or something to that effect). Consequently, the images on this site are not mine. I did resize, trim, and clean them up when necessary, which was most of the time. I don't think any of the images on this site escaped Photoshop unscathed.

What if you think you created the images on this site (and typically, created means scanning them in yourself instead of drawing them from scratch, in case of anime and manga, because I use only images created by the original artists), have posted them on your site, and have that snarling "All images on this site are mine! Mine! Mine!" (or something to that effect)? Then look around the web, because I took them from somebody who also has them and is offering them for other people to use. Not that these generous people stole your images, but you have to keep in mind that somebody else may have images that are identical to yours, scanned them in themselves, and are nicer than you so they let other people use their images.

Question: But there's this picture that I think you stole from me.
Answer: Please read the previous paragraph.

In unusual cases when it's really hard to get "free" images, I used screenshots.You are free to use the images on this site (a link back to this site will be appreciated, but not necessary), although I must ask that if you do, (1) please do not claim them for your own, and (2) upload them to your own server, dammit. No hotlinking. That'll just be too uncool.

I stick to images that were originally drawn by the actual series' manga and anime artists. If you created a fanart that appears on this site, please let me know. In that case, you do own the image and can ask me to take it down.

Contact Information
I can be reached by e-mail. Please contact me if:
1) you see factual errors, typos, and/or broken links on this site
2 ) you want to ask me if it's okay for you to use stuff here for your site and/or write-up
3 ) you want to provide positive and/or constructive feedback
4 ) you want to share an interesting fact about any of the series on this site

Please don't contact me if:
1) you want to flame me because I said something that offends your sensibilities
2) you feel that nobody has any right to say anything negative about your beloved series, and you act as the divine scourge that will smite me to smithereens through e-mail
3 ) you have plenty of time on your hands to irritate people

I must add that it fills me with great pleasure when site visitors contact me to express their appreciation about this site. Your positive feedback makes my day. Thank you so much for taking the time to write!

Technical Stuff
This site is best viewed using Firefox or Internet Explorer. It is designed to take up the whole screen (yes, it demands all your attention), has 32-bit color quality, and 1024 x 768-pixel screen resolution. You might get disappointing results if you have a different Internet browser and/or your monitor's not set up the same way. Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop were used to construct this site, and the operating system is Windows XP.

Sometimes, some images don't show up. Other times, the browser may flash that page-not-available message. In such cases, try refreshing the page. The problem usually goes away after that.

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